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Welcome to Fishi's World.

For those who like Scuba Diving there is Scuba Fishi

For the Caribbean music lovers, Rasta Fishi
Enjoy nature adventures? then check out Tropical Fishi,
and for the world travelers, One World Fishi is the one.

Fishi, a two dimensional design of a playful fish, acts as the main character displaying attitudes and activities with simple, colorful and fun designs. Fishi is not a product, its is a character based, versatile concept and story teller that may be applied to many products and demographics. Fishi registered logo appears as the main character in every design combined with cheerful slogans. 
Tommy de Armas - Gonzalez Padin Department Store
(1995 at González Padín - Plaza las Américas, Puerto Rico)
Created by graphic designer Tommy de Armas and launched in 1994 through 1997. Recently re-launched into the market in May 2013. aTommyCo, Inc., the company behind Fishi’s design, production and distribution of merchandise, has over 14 years of creating world- class graphic design, content and product development for publishers, print and digital mediums.
Fishi's product catalog will include items such as color t-shirts, surf shirts, twill caps, key chains among other beach accessories. All products are produced with the highest quality materials available.
Fishi is a registered and proven concept with the potential to grow into the next character-based hit to be featured in a variety of industries and mediums such as publishing, animation and mobile applications. Every month will be introducing new characters and designs. So if you have a Fishi design in mind, send us an email, love to hear about it.
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