We are Fishi®, a fun, colorful, casual clothing and accessory lifestyle brand
known for displaying unique graphics, cheerful slogans and activities
inspired by its main character...a big eyed fish.

We produce casual but high quality clothing and accessories to customers
who enjoy the nautical, coastal, island life experience...

For those who like Scuba Diving there is Scuba Fishi
For the Caribbean music lovers, Rasta Fishi… 
Enjoy nature adventures? then check out Tropical Fishi,
and for the world travelers, One World Fishi is the one.


Created by graphic designer Tommy de Armas (In photo above) and launched
in 1994 through 1997 at González Padín Department Stores located all around Puerto Rico.

Recently re-launched into the market in 2012.

aTommyCo, Inc., the company behind Fishi’s design, production
and distribution of merchandise, has over 17 years of creating
world-class graphic design, content and product development for
publishers, print and digital mediums.

Fishi's product catalog includes graphic t-shirts, swim shirts,
headwear, microfiber towels, eco t-shirts, phone covers and many
more cool accessories.

All products are produced with the highest quality materials available.

For more information about Fishi contact us at:


Awards / Certifications / Organizations

Winner of the Visitor Economy Prize Award
by Aerostar Airport Holdings, LLC at the 2019 EnterPRize Competition
(Grupo Guayacan, Puerto Rico.)

Global Chamber Member

ACDBE Certified  / NAICS: 448140, 44150, 424320, 424330, 424340