Plastic waste remains one of the most serious problems facing our world today. Disposable plastics such as water bottles, plastic bags and straws end up in our oceans threatening marine life by the minute. These items take the longest to biodegrade, some say about 450 years.




Through research we have found technology that turns plastic into fabrics, edible roots into recyclable packaging, washed up sandals into sculptures and more.

At Fishi.World, we see these findings as an opportunity, a solution to help fight this environmental threat.

With sustainability as our north, we will work with the best available green technologies and environmentally conscious suppliers in order to transform our Fishi® apparel and accessories product catalog into an eco-friendly brand, with creative products made from 100% recycled plastic and non-plastic materials. A new conscious lifestyle is born and inspired by a big eyed fish called “Fishi”.


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