We are Fishi®, a fun, colorful, casual apparel and accessory brand from Puerto Rico, known for celebrating the island lifestyle with unique graphics and cheerful slogans, all inspired by its main character...a big eyed fish.

Meet some of Fishi's friends

Fishi's Story
Not long ago, in the heart of the Caribbean, a character was born – its name was Fishi. Surrounded by a vast array of beautiful and unique coral reefs, as well as friends of all sorts and colors, Fishi was curious to see what existed outside of its periphery: it felt there was more than meets the eye…

Therefore, one day Fishi decided to venture into the unknown…what ensued was nothing short of thrilling. Fishi started to meet and befriend other creatures from different currents and bodies of water. As a result, the more Fishi learned about the world, the more its soul filled with joy and its eye grew with wonder.

“Live In Wonder”

The Creator

Graphic designer Tommy de Armas (above)1994


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ACDBE Certified  / NAICS: 448140, 44150, 424320, 424330, 424340